Our Mission

Spreading our Love of Baking one person at a time!

Willy's Cinnamon Rolls Etc. currently offers online ordering and retail products from our bakery located in historic downtown Pittsboro, North Carolina. The focus of our concept has always been to help others. More recently, Willy's Cinnamon Rolls etc has felt the need to utilize employees that have some challenges in their lives where job creation for themselves is not as easily attainable as other employees.

So Willy's goal is to employ those with an autistic nature and veterans with equally challenging situations. That being said, we make everything by hand the old fashioned way. Bowls, spatulas, rolling pins, wire whips and etc. So when you order our great products and enjoy them, you are also helping to create a job for someone who may otherwise not be able to be employed.

The world loves a great cinnamon roll! Let Willy's Cinnamon Rolls Etc. introduce you to the first and last cinnamon roll you will ever have. Soft, moist covered in a cinnamon glaze. Made with butter, 2 kinds of cream, 2 kinds of flour, and dark brown sugar and fresh eggs. You don’t need a hot light on to let customers know when they are baking fresh. They bake all day and the exhaust fans blow the cinnamon and hot butter aroma all over historic downtown Pittsboro, North Carolina.

When customers are handed a fresh cinnamon roll with a cup of coffee or maybe a mug of hot chocolate it’s been observed that some need to grab a chair and sit down to have a moment alone. And others, well tears have been shed.

So, get your bucket list out and and a good ink pen and put Willy's Cinnamon Rolls Etc. on that list.

Better yet mail that cinnamony goodness to someone you love.